Canonical turns 20: Shaping the Ubuntu Linux world

Posted by TJ Easter II on Sunday, March 10. 2024 in Tech, Unix

Ubuntu's parent company - now powering millions of desktops, servers, and clouds - continues to seek the balance between delivering 'Linux for Human Beings' and embracing its responsibilities in the global tech market.

2004 was already an eventful year for Linux. As I reported at the time, SCO was trying to drive Linux out of business. Red Hat was abandoning Linux end-user fans for enterprise customers by closing down Red Hat Linux 9 and launching the business-friendly Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Oh, and South African tech millionaire and astronaut Mark Shuttleworth launched Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company.

Little did I -- or anyone else -- suspect that Canonical would become one of the world's major Linux companies.

As a long-time Kubuntu user, I would like to wish Canonical a happy 20th birthday!
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To Replace HexChat, Linux Mint is Building a New Desktop Chat App Called 'Jargonaut'

Posted by TJ Easter II on Sunday, March 10. 2024 in Tech, Unix

So work has begun on a new dedicated "chat room" app to replace HexChat, called Jargonaut. Linux Mint's goal is not to build a fully-featured IRC client, or even an IRC client at all. Jargonaut is a chat app that just happens to use IRC as its underlying chat protocol. Users won't need to know what IRC is nor learn its syntax, as Jargonaut isn't going to respond to standard IRC commands... When the app is opened Linux Mint's official support channels are there, ready to engage with. A real-time support chat app built on IRC — with additional bells:

"[Jargonaut] will support pastebin/imgur via DND, uploading your system specifications, troubleshooting and many features which have nothing to do with IRC," says Linux Mint lead Clement Lefebvre in the distro's latest monthly update. "HexChat was a great IRC client which helped us make a relatively good support chat room. We're hoping Jargonaut will help us make this chat room even better and much easier to use."
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